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"I am passionate about history, culture, flavors and the best drinks. I enjoy living and sharing the best of my country, as well as creating and participating in projects that reflect what I feel. I invite you to explore with me in a fascinating world always full of good surprises, color and magic."

An experience with me




I want to share experiences that feed on the best, each of our senses; to learn, live and enjoy life, and this wonderful country. I invite you to share an experience with me!

Personal tours


We can design a tour to suit you, with the topics that interest you the most and the time you have for it. Tell me what you want to know the most about Mexico and we will surely create a perfect plan.

The spirits


Join me to discover unique flavors created from the essence of this land, with a fine selection of artisan spirits made from Mexican herbalism.





If you want to know more about my work as a designer, take a look at my book: